It would be hard to imagine somewhere fresher than the sea off the coast of Rathlin and that’s where Islander Kelp are based. Islander Rathlin Kelp is unique because its texture is so fine and its favour so delicate because of their unique growing and preservation process. They blanche and freeze their kelp to keep all the flavour and goodness locked in and then use it in a variety of high quality food products and we’re delighted to stock their tapenade, pesto and salsa verde.

The kelp tapenade is an outstanding product made with high grade ingredients including kalamata black olives & kelp. It has a slightly more mellow taste than regular tapenade, but yet the kelp also gives it a freshness on the tongue.

The fresh salsa verde, made with kelp along with salsa verde ingredients.It is a ready to eat sauce, topping, dressing for fish, roast poultry, grilled meats or vegetables.

Ocean freshness combined with classic pesto flavours, Islander Kelp pesto contains Kelp to produce a superb pesto with a slight ocean twist.

Another addition to our Loving Local selection – call in to see the whole range.