We‘ve all your grocery food essentials from A to Z .. here’s ‘U to Z’…

Our Farm Shop and Butchers are open and have all the basics for tasty meals with quality local meat from our butchers, fresh veg and our very convenient frozen range of fruit and veg and a wide range of tasty sauces and flavourings as well as all your favourite brands including Ditty’s Bakery, Heatherlea, McKee’s and Barr’s.

We’re working hard with our suppliers and have all your grocery food essentials from A to Z…so no need to travel far to get good food – just call over to Coleman’s. 

Here’s some of what we stock from ‘A to Z’ …why go anywhere else for all your grocery essentials ?

We’ve Anchovies to Avocados, Baking Kits to Bread and Beetroot, Cauliflowers to Cheeses galore, Duck Pancakes to  delicious Dairy produce and Eggs to Elderflower Cordial

…Fresh Fruit to Figs and Fudge, Granola to Garlic, Honey to Hoisin Sauce, Ice Cream to Icing Sugar and Juice to Jams and Jelly Beans

…Kebabs , Ketchup and Kidney Beans,  Lemons, Leeks and Linguine, Muesli, Mussels and Mushrooms , Nachos, Naanbread , Nuts and Noodles and Onions, Oats & Olives

…Porridge, Potatoes and Pancakes , Quiche , Quince Jelly and Paste,  Rice, Raisins and Raspberries, Sardines, Spaghetti and Stew, Tagliatelle, Tomatoes and Teriyaki Sauce.

…Umber Cider and Uamani Boosters , Vol Au Vents, Vanilla Paste and Vermicelli, Wagyu Beef, Walnuts and Wings, X …well almost everything but Gareth is working on it – XXX Mints perhaps ? ,  Yeast, Yoghurts and Yorkshire Puddings,  Zucchini and Za’atar Sea Salt !

The Farm Shop and Butchers are both open from 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Saturday and from 1.00pm to 5.00pm on Sunday.

All our retail partners including the Garden Centre and Cafe are closed in line with government guidelines in place to Keep Everyone Safe.