Growing your own herbs and vegetables is rewarding and fun.
Don’t be put off growing your own produce because you’ve never done it before – we have  a wide selection of  easy-to-grow vegetables and herbs for you to try!
There’s no better tasting dish than those including ingredients you’ve grown yourself. To many, the world of planting and harvesting food may seem like a daunting affair, however, there are a few plants that are easy to grow and will have a relatively high success rate.
We have a wide selection of herbs  to choose from including Oregano, Basil, Coriander, Peppers with a bite, Caraway, Cucamelon, Mint Apple, Verbena Lemon,  Bergamot Lemon and French Sorrel to name just a few.
When it comes to vegetables you will also be spoilt for choice …choose from a wide selection including tomatoes in various varieties including Black Cherry, Sweet Million and everyone’s favourite Ailsa Craig.  We have Leeks, Runner Beans, Calabrese, Butternut Squash, Beetroot and Cauliflower and many more so the hardest decision is what to choose and we can help.
Pay us a visit today and we’ll offer you help and advice on how you can soon be tasting the fruits of your labours and adding stunning flavours to your everyday meal times to enjoy with family and friends.