Did you know there is a World Giraffe Day ? Its actually on 21st June and yes we have missed it but here’s the thing. With their long swaying necks, distinctive pattern on their furry coats and those endless spindly legs, they do look quite odd but you can’t help love them.

Anyway here at Coleman’s Garden Centre we have a new addition in the form of our very own giraffe but sadly at present they have yet to find a name. Made from delicately carved Teak root producing a gorgeous solid abstract finish, this gorgeous end result and real conversation piece is available for adoption at £1500.00 (excluding food which is minimal).
So please help by telling us your thoughts on the name for our latest edition and you could win Afternoon Tea for 2… you and a friend, not you and our giraffe by the way!
For your chance to win one Afternoon Tea for 2 worth £25 and see just how good this is, simply visit our Facebook page.