Santa‘s Reindeers need fed and we’ve just the man to do it!

Make Christmas Eve really special this year with our Santa Reindeer feeder…

The Shrumanns are Reindeer Feeders and have been helping Santa to make sure homes are ready and safe for him to call to on Christmas Eve night and they feed the reindeer while Santa delivers the presents.
Everything you need for a wonderful and new Christmas tradition is included. It includes a Shrumann to place in your home to watch over everyone. Also included is a beautifully written book about the Shrumanns and how and why they are vital to Santa. For your window there’s a decal to show your home has a Shrumann Reindeer Feeder and a licence card for the Shrumann owner. And the most important item of all, a little sack to place the carrots in for the Shrumann to give to the reindeers on Christmas Eve night.

Now available in our Christmas Shop for £19.99 – get yours early and make sure your Christmas is magic!