A potted Christmas tree is a great way to have a real tree into your home with none of the hassle, keep it well watered and away from a heat source and you’re all set. The best part is, it can be planted in the garden or potted on for next year. All our container trees are pot grown so you can easily transport them to the garden.

We have Nordmann trees which are the most popular in the UK with strong branches, symmetrical shape, densely covered branches, soft needles with a fresh fragrance and are slow growing.

Our Frasier Firs grown locally near Victoria Bridge, Sion Mills are a species of fir native to the Appalachian Mountains of the Southeastern United States and come in 2 sizes so you can choose from 80-100cm or 100-120 cm. A slightly bigger tree these slim conifers have soft green needles and have a pine like scent. These produce beautiful dark purple cones when young and are a really low maintenance architectural plant.

And we have Poinsettia plants now in stock, these are grown locally and give a lovely festive splash of colour at this time of year.


Call in and have a look this weekend to see what we have in stock… you won’t be disappointed with the quality but hurry they won’t hang around for long.