Another new artisan product you can try in the Farm Shop from husband and wife team Jonny and Donna from Ballymoney at The Dough House.
Freshly baked sourdough bread from Ballymoney baked early this morning – and I do mean early as Jonny the baker starts at 2.00am!
Magical baked goods made by hand, with passion. Just simple ingredients and no chemical preservatives – once you try this you’ll be back for more. Every bread is made & shaped the same way, scored & baked the same way, at the same temperature. Best enjoyed the same day but will still taste yummy after 1 or 2 days – once you taste it it won’t last that long – trust me !
So fresh in today at the Farm shop – come and show your support for another artisan producer – at Coleman’s Farm Shop we’re Loving Local and we’re loving Jonny’s Sourdough bread !