At Coleman’s Garden Centre we are always delighted to welcome groups to our cafe and garden centre so there was real excitement when the Northern Ireland football team bus turned up this morning and the staff got excited about the possibilities of selfies… but wait a moment Northern Ireland are playing away in Romania tomorrow night and away to Scotland at Hampden Park on Tuesday!

It was in fact  a community group from North Down Clanmil Housing. Clanmil Housing Group is a social enterprise working across Northern Ireland, building, maintaining and managing homes where people are proud to live and raise their families. They are proud to provide quality homes for families, older people, those with support needs and shared communities, alongside services that support people to live well. As well as providing almost 5,900 quality homes for rent, we help people who aren’t in a position to purchase a home outright, to realise their home ownership dreams.

A Big Thanks to  the community group for joining us and we look forward to welcoming everyone back very soon and if you have a group outing and want to visit give us a call to arrange a booking…. that includes you Michael O’Neill and the Northern Ireland football team … you would be most welcome…come on Norn Iron !

For more information on how to make group booking at Coleman’s Garden Centre click here :