New Arrivals This Weekend at Coleman’s

Not a very nice day here in Templepatrick with all the rain but here’s some of our new arrivals for the weekend to brighten your day.

Beautiful foliage houseplants including Tillnadsia, Dracaena, Airplants, Venus Flytrap and succulents. For outdoors we have Tillandsia Lillies, Zantedeschia and beautiful window boxes.

For those of you who are very organised we have a new selection of seeds in stock for you to buy, store and have ready including Microgreens that you can sow indoors all year round.

Finally within our new selection of garden ornaments you are bound to find one to bring a smile to someones face… personally I love the campervan.. what’s your favourite?

We’re open as normal Saturday and Sunday so we’d love you to join us this weekend- whatever the weather !