Time to Think About Getting Outdoors and Look After The Lawn

Keeping your lawn looking tip top and healthy all year may seem like a back breaking job, but as is often the case it is not as big a task as it may first appear.

Folklore has it that the weather on St Patrick’s Day sets the tone for the rest of the year….’Saint Patrick turns the warm side of the stone uppermost’ is an ancient saying I’m told by some in the know !

I digress…typically here at Coleman’s Centre we like to think that St Patrick’s Day marks the start of Spring and is the time when the weather picks up and lawn care becomes more important. If the weather has been fine, and you’ve seen some good lawn growth, you may want to give your grass the first cut of the year

So the sun is shining today and tomorrow is looking fine as well so now’s the time to begin and we have some great offers to help make sure your lawn is looking its best including the following:

Miracle Grow Complete 4 in 1 200 Sq metres. – 2 for £20..save £6

Miracle Gro Evergreen No Rake Moss Remover Lawn Food 20kg £34.99

Miracle Grow Evergreen Fast Grass 56 sq metres £15.99

Lawnmaster Moss Remover & Seed 400 Sq metres £29.99

Aftercut  All in One 10% Extra Free 440sq metres £22.99

Please call in today and let our garden experts tell you the best product for your lawn.