Here’s the latest addition to our Farm Shop – a VAK 1 1941 David Brown Tractor. This would have cost around £300 brand new in 1941…a quick look online and a 2014 used one would cost over £90,000 plus VAT ! It has a top speed of 25 MPH and runs on a petrol paraffin mix.

David Brown Tractors began in 1936 when Harry Ferguson and David Brown entered a partnership to make a small agricultural tractor powered by a Coventry Climax engine at the famous David Brown Park Gear Works in Huddersfield. Very soon David Brown had introduced his own engine and had secretly begun plans to market his own tractor; the writing was soon on the wall for the partnership with Ferguson.

It was clear from an early stage that Ferguson’s brilliant but temperamental personality did not sit well with the Yorkshireman, nor did the Irish engineer endear himself to the Huddersfield workforce, but until the time was ready Brown undertook the design of his new tractor under clandestine conditions. He even gave it the code name which meant Vehicle Agricultural Kerosene. The launch of the new VAK 1 at the 1939 Royal Show brought about the end of the relationship, and Ferguson went off to form another relationship, this time with Ford.

Take the time to have a look the next time you are in the farm shop.

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