It’s April – Summer Bedding Plants Are in And We Have a Plethora of Floral Riches Now in Stock

We know the gardeners out there are champing at the bit to get planting some summer bedding and basket plants and you have been waiting for us to deliver to you a plethora of floral riches from which to choose – come on down to Coleman’s now to see our wide selection now in stock.

You won’t be disappointed with what you see and you can get a six pack of bedding plants for £2.99 or buy 4 for £10.00 while our Summer basket plants are only £1.79 or buy 10 for £14.99.

However keep an eye on the weather until the danger of frost is past before you plant. So perhaps store them in your greenhouse and prepare the soil. Don’t forget your compost and take advantage of our great offer on Jack’s Magic All Purpose Compost with 3 x 60 litre bags for £12.00 or £4.99 for 1.

We also have hanging tomato planters for your greenhouse at £7.99.

Don’t forget to pop in for a coffee before you browse into our restaurant and why not treat yourself and stay for lunch?

As always we are constantly adding new items to our stock so please call in to see what we have on offer – here’s a few to get you started!