New year, new healthy start – you may want to ditch the wine and lose the beer but fear not we have a great range of non-alcoholic alternatives to see you through ‘Dry January’.

From beer to lager to ciders with their extensive range of 0% adult flavour tipples try Drynks for something different with their range of Non Alcoholic Drynks – craftily brewed, then all the alcohol is swept away to leave only pure satisfaction.

Drynks Citrus Beer is pure refreshment with a perfect balance of citrus, malt and hints of hops & barley. A pale gold, sparkling liquid with a fresh, clean aroma.

Drynks Smashed Lager is a refreshing, pale gold lager beer with a clean taste. Perfectly balanced with hints of barley malt, complex aromatic floral notes and mild, hoppy bitterness.
Drynks crisp and lightly carbonated cider, is pure refreshment with a perfect balance of sharpness, sweetness and bite. A golden, slightly opaque sparkling liquid with a fresh inviting aroma of English apples

And for a limited time we have a special offer our Smashed Drinks Range – buy 4 for £7.99 or a single bottle for £2.39 so don’t feel you have to do without to do better !

Coleman’s Farm Shop – your local food store for all your Dry January needs – why go anywhere else ?