Easy entertaining, perfect picnic, handy gift… our delicious Sharing Platters available from our new deli counter couldn’t be easier at only £30 in a delightful red presentation carry box…
filled with a range of sensational products including artisan local suppliers you’ll love sharing this with friends and family, just open the box for…
  • 100g of Young Buck Cheese
  • 100g of Hegerty’s Cheddar
  • 100g of Olives mixed with feta
  • 100g of slow roasted cherry tomatoes
  • Snowdonia balsamic caramelised onion chutney
  • Peters Yard pink peppercorn sourdough crackers
  • Olina’s simply seed crackers
  • Packet of Levoni Milano Salami
  • Packet of Levoni Prosciutto Di Parma
…so tempting we think you shouldn’t really need an excuse so just treat yourself this weekend – we don’t mind and it can be our secret.